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> Multiplier

Image:Multiplier.jpg The Multiplier, seen in the image to the right from GH 1, GH 2, and GH 80s (left) and GH 3 (right), is quite self-explanatory. While the multiplier displays x2, all points you earn are doubled; for x3, points are tripled, and so on. Whenever you "miss" a note, the multiplier is reset to x1, which is visually shown as a blank value.

For every ten consecutive notes you correctly play, the multiplier increases by one, up to x4 (without Star Power). When you activate Star Power, the multiplier is doubled until the Star Power meter runs out. The maximum value attainable on the multiplier is x8, which is done by activated Star Power while the multiplier is at x4, but it can be higher from x2 by hitting every note.

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