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Rumor: Activision Launching Guitar Hero Holiday Season 2012

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I guess when the money beckons Activision must answer the call...it's in their blood, it's how they survive, it's their only purpose for staying relevant in existence. Anyways, according to a few new rumor reports, the Guitar Hero franchise could be getting resuscitated for a holiday 2012 launch, with early showings happening as soon as E3 2012.

According to Stick Skills they've been in frequent contact with Activision about the revival of Guitar Hero -- which, for those of you didn't know, the franchise was buried by Activision when the sales for the latest game seen major declines -- and they've supposedly been told that the new or revived Guitar Hero will be announced early in 2012, followed by a brief showing during E3 2012 and later scheduled to release during the busy holiday schedule.

Usually these kind of rumors might fall on deaf ears, but take into consideration that Activision recently unveiled the revival of Tony Hawk at the Spike TV 2011 VGAs, with an upcoming HD remake of the classic extreme sports game after abandoning the franchise not too long ago.

What's more is that earlier in the year Activision's CEO, Bobby Kotick, mentioned in an interview with Forbes that they would be reinventing the Hero franchise at some point, so I guess the timing for this does make sense.

We'll keep you posted on any additional information regarding the new and improved Guitar Hero franchise.


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